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Nancy Bos, an Amazon Best Selling Author

Nancy Bos is what you would call a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in her field.  Nancy is an Amazon Best Selling author.  She earned that title with her book Singing 101. Anyone interested in learning to sing or to sing better would certainly benefit by checking it out.

Nancy is also the host of the Every Sing Podcast, an amazing podcast where she interviews top-notch singers from around the globe.  It’s both an interesting and informative podcast that beginners and advanced singers alike will certainly benefit from.

Nancy has been part of the Bookmark Freedom community since the beginning.  I actually think she was the first person to ever send me an email.  I am grateful for having met Nancy and not because I can use her as a success story, but because I have learned so much from her.  She has shared her stats and results with me over the course of about a year, which has allowed me to either verify assumptions or change up techniques, which is needed from time to time as online marketplaces such as Amazon are constantly changing and updating algorithms, requirements, etc.

I give my full recommendation for all of Nancy’s products.  She is not only a high level expert, but she is also a great person in general.

Thank you for everything, Nancy.

When I first met Nancy she had already launched her book (Singing 101), it was a great book, but she wasn’t getting many sales.  We were able to quickly diagnose that her problem wasn’t from an author standpoint, but a technical standpoint.

Singing 101 wasn’t showing up in any of the searches for the key words with the highest demand on Amazon.  So, way back then, if you went to Amazon and searched for “how to sing” there was tons of books listed, but Singing 101 wasn’t one of them.

In just a few short weeks, we were able to take Nancy’s book from zero to page one for all of her main key words.

Fast forward a few months and now Nancy is an Amazon Best Selling Author.  Seriously, go to Amazon today and search “how to sing”.

Where do you think her great book would be today if she didn’t learn the technical side of online marketing?  You can be the best writer in the world, but if no one can find you, you’ll never sell a single copy.



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