How to Earn $76,800 in One Year Selling Amazon eBooks

In this course, you will discover how my technical process empowers you to easily create, sell and a single eBook in just six hours.

If you’re serious about starting to earn online, this is the course for you.  This course isn’t about teaching you to write a book, but rather it’s about teaching you a technical process you and duplicate over and over.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 Days

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Phase 1 – Research / Creation

Phase 2 – Listing

Phase 3 – The Launch

Bringing it all together

What Others Have Said

Completed course over a four day weekend
By: Frances Robbins

Austin does a great job explaining this process. I had a very limited idea of the kindle publishing process. I spent 4 days listening and completing keyword searches and Amazon searches to begin the process of discovering those topics that would be profitable. After completing this course, I feel more empowered to take this knowledge and publish. Austin's teaching style is calm, direct and to the point. I had purchased a different program and when the first lesson was all about how you need to purchase the "full disclosure" packet..I got a sick feeling believing I had been taken advantage of. I did get a full that was good. Knowing that I was very concerned about the information Austin would actually teach. I was pleasantly surprised. I am super excited to get started on my first book! Once published..I will update this post.