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How to Change Top Customer Reviews on Amazon

Your top Amazon Customer reviews are something that most people don’t think about until their top review is a negative one. On Amazon, most buyers decide to buy or to not buy based off of reviews. One thing that is important to note here is that there are so many similar products for sale on Amazon, it’s very easy for a customer to make the decision to not buy and move on to the next product, which is why your top reviews are much more important than most people think.

Negative Top customer reviews is the #1 reason a good listing misses out on sales.


How about some stats?

About 40% of Amazon buyers don’t actually read reviews, they are content with the star ratings and number of reviews as long as the product appears to meet their needs.

The other 60% of Amazon buyers will dig into the reviews a little more. A large percentage of those “review diggers” will read your top reviews and if your top reviews are negative, they will say no and move to the next product. So even though you have 4.5 stars, those few negative reviews could be costing you sales.

The question is, how do you change your top reviews? It’s easier than you might think.

To change your top reviews, it’s this simple.

Amazon picks your top reviews based on customer feedback utilizing the “yes and no” buttons shown in the image above.  The reviews with the most “yes” clicks will be shown as your top reviews regardless of star rating.

To change your top customer review, simply pick the review you want to be shown as a top customer review.  Then find a way to get a large amount of “yes” clicks (family, friends, etc.) on that review.

Once the “yes” clicks on your desired top review surpasses the current top review, they will be switched out.

Lastly, “no” clicks  on current negative review will speed up this process.  Boom done.

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