How to Write an 18K Word eBook to Sell on Amazon in Just One Day – Episode #19

In this lesson I tell you how I was able to write and 18K eBook in just one day.  In addition, I talk about fiverr gigs and let loose a few secrets shared by one of our own.   Transcripts coming soon:

#18: The Sales Whisperer Interview with Wes Schaeffer

In this episode Wes walks us through sales techniques and give us advice on how to become successful. Take a look, Tomorrow, Thursday @ 5:00pm CT, Wes is hosting a free workshop with the Videofruit team. Advanced List Building Workshop You’re going to learn: The 3 most destructive myths (that are widely believed) about building an … Read more

#17: Interview: James Wasem

In this episode, James teaches us about how he became an Amazon Best Selling Author through dedication, consistency and persistence.  James was able to build what some may call a small empire.  He is an impressive person and was gracious enough to agree to share his story and teach us along the way. Get in … Read more

#14: Guest T.K. – Beginner 1 of 3 in Series

This is the first of a three part series.  We have invited guest at the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels of Amazon Selling.  T.K. and Austin have a general conversation about selling online and T.K. asks some very pectinate questions.   Check out T.K.’s podcast here – I Need a Mulligan

#11: Financial Freedom – The new American Dream?

Here we talk about financial freedom from a different perspective.  In addition, we have a special Announcement about and upcoming series of podcasts. We are doing a series of Podcast Including guest from every stage of the Amazon selling process.  We will have a beginner, and intermediate and an advanced seller. Our intermediate guest is … Read more