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#1: Bookmark Freedom Podcast Intro

Hello and welcome to the Bookmark Freedom Podcast.  Here is what we are all about:

Bookmark Freedom is about putting a placeholder in your life and deciding to make a change. We are going to teach you all about how to become a successful seller on Amazon via digital products, physical products and Merch by Amazon. From there we are going to teach you step by step how to convert you Amazon business onto other platforms such as, Etsy, and even your own website. Our goal is to walk you through this process and at the end of the day, leave you with a real business that you can sell. Beyond this we are going to give you the tools necessary to be 100% self sustained by teaching logo design, web design, private labeling and accounting. Growing up poor with a single disabled parent and never having much, I know how important it is to be able to launch products on a budget. My opinion is that to do that we must dedicate ourselves to a life of learning. Grab your pen and paper, jump in and get ready to become profitable.

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