Monday , 19 March 2018
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Bookmark Freedom Around the World

Thanks for your support and for taking Bookmark Freedom around the world, Frances!

Frances Robbins has been a loyal Bookmark Freedom supporter from almost day one. I think the most fulfilling part of running any blog or podcast is the relationships that it gives you the opportunity to build and the different people, from all walks of life it allows you to meet.

Frances Robbins, MSN, PMHNP-BC is a 10 year veteran of the United States Air Force, and is now beginning a private online therapy practice.

You can find her website here.

Frances has published an amazing book – “The Complete Insomniac’s Workbook to Restorative Sleep: Applying the Principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia for Every Night Use”. I have personally reviewed this workbook and I must say it is simply amazing. Throughout my military career I developed some pretty erratic sleep habits and this workbook has helped me overcome the challenges of sleep that I have carried with me for year. I’m sleeping better, am in better overall health and am much happier all because of this workbook. Please note that this is not an affiliate link of any kind and I am not profiting from this in anyway.

Frances is currently working on a book for anxiety and panic and is planning an entire series of books on mental health.

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