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#11: Financial Freedom – The new American Dream?

Here we talk about financial freedom from a different perspective.  In addition, we have a special Announcement about and upcoming series of podcasts.

We are doing a series of Podcast Including guest from every stage of the Amazon selling process.  We will have a beginner, and intermediate and an advanced seller.

Our intermediate guest is James Wasem and here is a little about him:  James is a #1 bestselling author, started a streaming company, and designed a live video system for the band Radiohead.


What James has to say:

– I never set out to be a “writer” (I hated writing assignments in school)

– I’m a bit of a haphazard “bestselling author” with three different books (my books have reached category bestseller status without me really trying too hard)

– The first book took almost a year to publish. The next two books only took about a month!

– Since writing my first book, I’ve been able to do some consulting and freelance editing and writing for other authors and business owners

Random personal details:

– I’m a professional audio and video geek, designing and installing sound systems in stadiums, schools, and businesses

– I once designed a live video system for the band Radiohead (Hail to the Thief world tour)

– I co-founded a live streaming company for musicians and creative businesses in 2013

Learn more about James by clicking here. 


Our beginner coming on the show is T.K. Goldsmith.  T.K. has been interested in getting onto the Amazon platform for a while, but wasn’t sure where to start.  We are going to help him through that process.  In addition, T.K. currently has a podcast called “I need a Mulligan” where he talks about the PGA, NBA, NFL, College football and basketball and even UFC. T.K is a great guy and is a lot of fun. Go check him out at and search for his podcast name (I need a mulligan) or click here.
Enjoy the podcast.

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